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Mediapan glass front

About This Project

Description of the cuisine of the mediapan with a glass surface:

We present a 16mm medium-sized kitchen with a glass surface on one side, resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage, moisture and temperature, so that the total front thickness is 22mm.

This is a unique model based on the specificity of the materials from which the fronts are made. They represent the exclusivity in this market. The desktop is also 58mm non-standard. The design is embedded in the entire ambience, because the modern line of kitchen is transferred to the bar table. A special feature is a built-in bean, which with its dimension is different from standard models, and therefore its installation is extremely complicated. But thanks to the many years of experience of our installers, we have successfully solved this problem.

The buyer chooses, if desired, or with our suggestion selects built-in or unfinished appliances, fountain, sink.

Deadline: From the moment when the customer chooses the appropriate model, the material and the way of processing the time for the preparation and installation of the kitchen is 30 days.

Kitchens, Modern Kitchens