enterijer dizajn STUDIO | Bordeaux high gloss
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Bordeaux high gloss

About This Project

Kitchen description:

For each customer, a unique model is designed, adapted to the space, purpose and wishes of the customers.

The kitchen is made of the highest quality furniture components, with the goal of making a unique product for the customer. We present you a model that requires large spaces to achieve expression in full shine. The combination of high-gloss acrylic so-called. Mirror Gloss with matted glass fronts. The desktop is also non-standard from a 58mm-Italian design, from which a table table was made. BLUM LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX drawers as a hidden MOVENTO system with the most advanced motion technology, represent a reliable opening and closing function and an attractive drawer design. With CLIP top hinges, each door is reliably moving with BLUMOTION for easy and quiet closing.

The customer chooses, independently or with our suggestion, the built-in or unfinished appliances and other necessary kitchen accessories.

Deadline: From the moment when the customer chooses the appropriate model, the material and the way of processing the time for the preparation and installation of the kitchen is 30 days.