enterijer dizajn STUDIO | Black high gloss with Kerrock
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Black high gloss with Kerrock

Kitchens, Modern Kitchens
About This Project

Description of the kitchen of Mediapan:

We present you a black mediapan / MDF SG / SF modern design kitchen, dominated by a ceramic dashboard. The sink is also made of the same material.

Kerrock is a specific material that resembles a stone or marble in appearance, yet it is comfortable and warm to the touch. Its surface is made so that mechanical damage is rare and has the ability to withstand the appearance of beautiful and smooth surfaces for a long time. Unsupervability guarantees absolute resistance to water and moisture. Throughout its structure it has an integrated antibacterial agent that destroys bacteria and prevents their further development. It can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, facades, suitable for the interior of the hotel, restaurants, laboratories, schools, etc. Stylish in colors and structure. Monochrome effects, granite effects, marble effects, terrazzo effects. Infinitely adaptable to your idea. The advantage that so far has not been shown by other materials!

The customer chooses, independently or with our suggestion, the built-in or unfinished appliances, fountain, sink.

Deadline: From the moment when the customer chooses the appropriate model, the material and the way of processing the time for the preparation and installation of the kitchen is 30 days.