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Delizia Walnut Color

About This Project

Description of the classical style kitchen:

The refined and classic style in the kitchen design reflects the elegance of the shapes with the help of stylish details that are on the door, batten or stylish rounded shelf. Harmony shapes, a new concept in design supported by technological innovations, allows you to create a new concept of living space with a choice of classic models that gives you an atmosphere in every new day. It is a pleasure to spend time in style kitchens. Wood, engravings, carvings and specially treated glass are details that are designed to create an ambience of exquisite elegance. We import classic-style kitchens from Italy on commission. A large selection of models, colors and textures of the material. The customer chooses, independently or with our suggestion, the built-in or unfinished appliances and other necessary accessories for the kitchen. Deadline: From the moment when the customer chooses the appropriate model, the material and the way of processing the time for the preparation and installation of the kitchen is 30 days.

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